Motorcycles are famously deadly and riders must to put their safety first. It's not relevant if it is your first time on the back of a bike, or your 5th motorcycle, no one can foretell when an accident will happen.
A helmet should always be worn to help protect the head from injury. Hitting the ground at 50mph is bad enough ; you do not need to be wishing you had a DOT motorcycle helmet. DOT stands for the office of transport, a state agency. When purchasing yourself a helmet be certain to check for the DOT sticker on the back. In the case of an accident you do not need to punish yourself thanks to lack of information on helmet suggestions.
Be tested for safety. If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle helmet and do not see a DOT sticker, think again. They're likely meant as a novelty item, not for motorcycle riding.
Get a proper helmet on your head, and get your head around these statistics - The DOT's studies prove that the percentage of motorcycle riders wearing helmets has dropped 13 percent in the last four years, down to 58 percent of riders. There are also 78,000 motorcycle crash related wounds, and the rate of accidents among motorcycle riders over the age of fifty has increased fourfold.
A DOT motorcycle helmet will have at least one in. of foam to pad your head. A rule is that the thicker the padding, the safer the helmet.
In the motorcycling circuit, DOT refers back to the department of transport, which controls helmet circulation by way of ensuring they meet safety needs.
Another quality characteristic of a DOT motorcycle helmet is the chin strap. Obviously full face ones are the most effective in an accident, so be certain to look for one. Though the DOT doesn't require that all motorcycle helmets are full face, it does require that they have extraordinarily strong chin straps.
This will appear heavy at first, but you may quickly get comfortable with it, and will feel safer knowing that you are as protected as possible . This weight proves that it is made from quality material and will face up to the sudden stop of a fall.
to figure out if yours is a DOT licensed helmet you have to 1st look on the back for the letters DOT. This isn't necessarily a surefire test as it is so easy to buy a sticker and place it on any helmet. The smartest thing to do when searching for a DOT helmet is to feel the weight of the helmet. Also, be sure to check the inner lining as well .
Fed. All of the back in Aug of 1973. This was last updated in October 1998.
If you don't see this info on the label, do not, repeat don't purchase this helmet.
Here is an in depth list to guarantee you are purchasing a real DOT authorized helmet. - to start with, check for the DOT sticker.
- concentrate on the locale of this label. It should be in a spot that doesn't permit it to be torn off easily or tampered.
- This is followed by dropping the helmet from a height of roughly ten feet to determine that it can survive accidents and restrict the G-force or gravitational force of any impact to limits that a human head can survive ( approximately, G-force of four hundred units ). Helmets that can protect the headpiece in this test are then DOT labeled.
As you may have accepted by this time, a DOT motorcycle helmets rating guarantees that the helmet you get maintains quality and durability standards. The DOT ranking helps a consumer ensure that the helmet they're buying has met critical safety standards, and one isn't obliged to be dependent on the dealer's word for the safety of the helmet. Listening to the above mentioned factors will help the shopper decide for him/herself.

Helmets are made to guard your head from collision, concussion and injury. With a lot out there, it's good to understand that DOT motorcycle helmets passed world class standards for safety. I counsel everyone to use it so we will all ride more and enjoy life. I get my helmets at Discount Helmet Factory.

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