Love riding your motorcycle, but don't like the after effects of the helmet? Helmets often cause helmet hair, which can make your hair flat and loose its natural style and bounce. It's not worth giving up the helmet for though as you could end up risking your own life if you don't wear that essential motorcycle helmet. So skip the helmet hair, but not the helmet by using a few key ways to return your hair to its normal luscious locks after riding. -One way to deal with helmet hair, which is the flattened or static hair caused by the tight fitting helmets, is by purchasing a ventilated motorcycle helmet. Not only will your hair be less static or flat, often caused by the head overheating in a compressed area with not much air flow, your body will begin to feel cooler as you ride your motorcycle. If you do ride in warm weather, a ventilated helmet is recommended as overheating may cause other problems, such as dehydration, which can be dangerous to the driver. -For those with long hair, put it into a ponytail or pigtails. Make sure your motorcycle helmet still fits on your head when tying your hair back by having it in a low ponytail. It's practically very useful to do this as well, because it keeps the hair out of your way, making it less of a distraction. When you arrive at your destination, simply just brush your hair and it should be as normal. -Alternatively, when you arrive at your destination take a handy kit which will sort out your hair and return it to its normal bouncy self. Simply spray dry shampoo on your hair, leave it for two minutes and then brush through. This should return its normal bounce and remove any excess perspiration or grease from the hair. If you are worried about perspiration all over, take face wipes and deodorant in order to cool you down and remove excess perspiration from the face and body. -Another alternative is by adding a protective layer between your hair and the motorcycle helmet. Skullcaps and helmet liners act as a barrier between the hair and helmet, enabling your hair to keep fresh. Although they may offer protection, they can also make your head over heat, depending on the material used. Helmet hair is easy to overcome if you prepare ahead of your journey. By taking a helmet hair repair kit around with you, you can always make sure your hair is perfectly in place. Purchasing a ventilated motorcycle helmet in the beginning is a great idea too, if you know you are going to worry about your hair. Stay safe on the road and motorcycle hair free by having a look at our range of motorcycle helmets at

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