Saviour sandals spark controversy in denmark

Danish model-fit sandals have drawn international attention in recent years after the release of the video.

Now some have come out in support of the style of shoes.

Anker, a Danish company selling sandals for sport and work, says the designs could be taken back on board to represent their work, saying: "If the idea makes sense, the solution will be there."

Image caption Danish model-fit sandals were inspired by an old video

But there are some who are opposed.

Crispin Rafferty, who blogs in support of the model-fit movement, says he's often challenged to wear sandals while doing his own yoga.

"It gives the illusion of strength to wear sandals that people are already quite convinced are made for yoga," says Mr Rafferty.

"This might have been taken over by someone else in the design process but it would appear that the company is makin더킹카지노g a political statement on the topic."

And the brand itself has criticised the idea of model-fit sandals.

A statement on the company's site said the sand바카라사이트als were based on the work of a Danish artist and that they were not the "official product" of Anker.

The firm also said it바카라 has no plans for a change to their sandals for women, but says the idea is "well accepted".

Danish model-fit sandals can be bought from Anker for about R300 (D500;D8500;D13000).

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