Here in Indonesia there is so many people that using a motorcycle when they go every where, it’s seems these vehicle become their primary transportation. When it’s comes to talk about riding motorcycle with safely, it must be about ride a motorbike with riding rules and also using motorcycle safety gears, such as ; motorcycle jacket, boots, gloves, especially a helmet. Why should you wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle? For most of us bikers a helmet just does not fit our perception of what biking is all about, which is freedom! Most of the riders think it just doesn’t cool to be on a hog with that little sissy helmet, but they don’t think it looks way lees cool to have your face all scared up from sliding on it down the road.

Here are the fact that will make you think about how important to wear a motorcycle helmet. According to statistic almost every motorcycle accident where the rider was not wearing a helmet resulted in major head injury. There’s a study about motorcycle accident found that there were 80 head and neck injuries from 100 crashes, which seems to indicate that the rider were not wearing a helmet. If you value your brain and your live you should be responsible to wear a safety motorcycle helmet.

There are different types of motorcycle helmets, such as half-face helmets, full-face helmets, open face helmets, modular helmets, and dual helmets, which also serve the purpose of protecting the rider’s head from the wind and heat, as well as any bugs that might fly into their face. When it’s comes to buy your motorcycle helmets you must choose it wisely. Motorcycle helmets are designed primarily for safety and durability, but they are also designed with bold styles that compliment the biker look.

In my opinion, the full-face motorcycle helmets is the right one to choose because this helmet will cover all of your head also your face. The full face helmets offers the most protection as it covers the entire head and has a face shield. The face shield is extremely convenient for keeping bugs, dust, and also weather condition such as rain out of the riders face. The conclusion of the motorcycle helmet is; these safety gears are vitality important for any biker to wear when ever they go for a ride. Even a short trip can end fatally with one wrong move or one reckless driver if the riders is not wearing safety motorcycle helmets.

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