There’s no one actually have any idea of motorcycle helmets when speed is not being an important thing. Perhaps, in the beginning the motorcycle helmets were not required at all. When the speed was not a matter and the routes not filled up with millions of automotive vehicle, no one imagined about wearing a motorcycle helmets.

However, motorcycles made up to run faster since public went to demand the needed of speed. The speed of motorbikes enlarged between 1930 and 1950, when people began to show interest in riding motorcycles and passion for speeding. Then the list of accident fatalities rises as the speed gains. Mr. Lombard applied for a patent for his helmet in 1953. These followed the base of the development of the innovative motorbike helmet.

The demand of head protective cover for riders recognized since the first motorcycle helmets was introduced. The use of helmets had been proven appropriate to reduce the number of accidents since the number of head and neck injuries was rises. Indeed the safety ways lobbied for compulsory helmet laws. The world’s first off mandatory motorbike helmet law was passed on in 1961. The safety agencies really go into the act. Motorcycle helmet producers made what they could to present best protective cover riders. They are throughout the controversy over mandatory helmet laws in 1966. Offering improved sight the first full face helmet was presented in 1967.

Besides giving the riders more protection and more comfort, the helmet company was improved the stronger and lighter helmets. For motorcycle helmets, United State department of transportation introduced federal automotive vehicle safety standard in 1974. It bears a few motorcycle riders got the helmets to be silly in looks. A few riders think it just does not cool to be on a hog with that little sissy helmet. When people get order, they find a stronger demand of freedom, which includes the freedom to ride their motorcycle without using a helmet. Again, no helmets, more death, the result speak for themselves.

Since helmets become the demand of motorcycle riders there are about hundred of motorcycle helmet companies that manufactured their helmets. The most important thing while you buy a helmet is to get a Snell and DOT (Department of Transportation) certified helmets. Even a short trip can end fatally with one wrong move. So, wearing a motorcycle helmet makes the difference of your life and death.

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