When you’re out on the open road and you want to look you’re best, consider a novelty motorcycle helmet to help give you a little extra class.  Although novelty helmets don’t offer as much protection as other helmets, they do offer a cool look because of their lightweight, low profile appearance.In most cases, novelty motorcycle helmets are made of a fiberglass material which is tough and durable.  The shell of novelty motorcycle helmets provide protection against flying debris that may be encountered when you’re on a motorcycle trip.  The interior makeup of the novelty motorcycle helmet is comprised of a liner and a minimal amount of padding.  There is less padding in order to maintain the small shell and low profile look.  Novelty helmets have a chin strap, either padded and non-padded.Novelty motorcycle helmets come in different colors, shapes, and sizes just like regular motorcycle helmets.  With a large number of designs available, motorcyclists can pick and choose the style of novelty motorcycle helmet that they want.  Styles like the polo novelty helmet, tiger novelty helmet, and classic novelty helmet come in gloss black, flat black, chrome colors and more to give riders a variety to choose from.It’s important to remember when purchasing a novelty motorcycle helmet that they do not meet DOT standards and specifications, meaning they are not as safe as DOT motorcycle helmets which do meet or exceed standards and specifications.  The reason this is so is because the novelty helmets do not contain the liner which provides the protective layer for the head.  That is why the novelty helmets maintain the low profile or smaller look.Many motorcyclists prefer novelty motorcycle helmets because they are lightweight, smaller, and proved a low profile look that you can’t get from other motorcycle helmets.  The next time you are looking for a motorcycle helmet that helps you look your best, you may want to consider a novelty motorcycle helmet.

Matt LeClair is an experienced motorcycle rider and enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge about motorcycles, motorcycle helmets, and more. Matt is the owner and founder of Motor Medley, a wonderful resource for bringing you information, and competitively priced, high quality novelty motorcycle helmets. http://www.motormedley.com

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