Motorcycle helmets are definitely a must have gear for any motorcyclist. Though a motorcycle jacket and leather vests are important gears too to ride in tough conditions, but motorcycle helmets are something that cannot be done without for any ride however, short it is. Motorcycle helmets are truly only piece of safety gear that can save your life. First let us simply analyze the importance of this tough piece on your head. All the studies from around the world indicate that riders with helmet suffer less injuries and crashing and death is very rare as well. The likeliness of suffering a long term injury or a permanent neck or head injury is almost negligible too. Remember that a DOT approved helmet cuts away the wind sound and makes it easier for the rider to hear other sounds clearly when riding. A full faced helmet helps to keep away the large insect that may hit your when riding at a particular speed. A colorful and bright helmet will be conspicuous helping other motorist to notice you stay away as well. For a new buyer buying one of the good motorcycle helmets is almost as tough as deciding on a new bike. The style, the shape, color and the toughness should be all right. It is wise and important to ask as many friends, acquaintances and relatives for tips and information. You can even do window shopping and your bit of thorough research before buying the helmet. Simply buying a helmet off a shelf may not be safe enough and serve the purpose. Even for the seasoned riders buying a helmet may be an intimidating experience with the dealers not always having the helmet with the make, size and the model written on it. Buying the right size along with the right graphics in mind is a tough job too.  Listed below are a few tips to buy just the right motorcycle helmets: A helmet is of no use if it does not soak up certain amount of impact and energy. The fastening system should sustain a lot of force too. Remember to always buy a DOT certified helmet. These helmet follow certain norms and are sure to perform when need be. The other important Snell standard should also be considered. If a manufacturer has gone an extra length to meet the DOT as well as the Snell standard then it is surely safe.Retention test is also as important. You should be able to easily roll up the helmet over your head even after a blow when the helmet tends to move back. Look for a firm, convenient and a sturdy fastening system. Just try to move a fastened helmet off your own head as a test before you purchase one.The head should fit into the helmet snugly and comfortably. A full faced helmet should be able to grip your cheeks as well as jaws along with top and sides of your head. A loose helmet will be thrown out in a crash whereas the one that is too tight will be very uncomfortable. Remember that the fact that a particular size of a certain model and make will not be the same as another brand. It is best to try out the helmets before buying them in exclusive motorcycle gear shops. They specialize in the products that they keep and usually offer the best possible buy. The helmets are sometimes designed specifically according to your needs and may be a little expensive or tough on your pockets. But you can try them for safety sake. There are limited editions from various brands for those who like to collect exclusive pieces. Motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets and the leather vests are readily available on exclusive online stores. You can simply log onto the sites from the convenience of your home or office and order for the one that suits your needs and the budget the best. These sites are usually safe and deliver your product at your door step at the earliest with the minimal shipping charges. The payment structure and the navigation through the site is very user friendly as well. Buying motorcycle jackets and vests online or the helmet is an amazing and unparallel experience. Leather vests and motorcycle jackets add to the comfort of riding for miles safely. Make sure you wear the motorcycle helmet for safety always! A great ride is a definite high but so is a safe one and getting back home to your loved ones.

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