While going for a long ride on your motorbike, you must be anticipating sheer fun. And if it’s all about the crash then you may assume why this will happen now? Well, a crash can happen anytime even if there is no fault at your end! So be careful about this and don’t ever try to ignore this fact. Due to this reason many Governments have implemented few rules on motorcycle helmets so that riders can get maximum risk free zone to enjoy their riding.

A concise history of the implemented Law:

Way back in the year 1967, the US federal govt. had declared that it will not offer funding to states that don not have any law for motorcycle helmets. By 1975, around 47 states had implemented their law on compulsory helmets for bikers. But in the year 1976 most of them had soften the laws that have been implemented for motorcycle helmets.

Kentucky and Louisiana:

In the year 1990, Kentucky and Louisiana has softened their helmet laws too. While the law was first proposed 10% of the bike riders were using helmet and when the law was not there half of the whole bike riders were in the helmets. Suddenly after this act from motorcycle owners the fatalities rate has increased to 34% in Kentucky and 74% for Louisiana.

Texas Wasn’t Far Behind

After Kentucky and Louisiana, Texas has also taken the helmet law off from the book in 1997. Use of helmet had dropped from 69% to 66%. Therefore, the motorcycle accidents and its related deaths had risen up to 1/3rd. that exactly signifies the death ratio was almost in a straight line to the people that don’t use helmets.

Florida’s Example:

Florida is not also out of this notion and had canceled the helmet law in 1997-99. 515 motorcycle riders were killed in the accidents in that year alone. 48 out of the whole deaths were the people that weren’t wearing helmets while riding.

These ratios can bring us brief ideas that while we thought about helmet as an optional element while riding motorbike, this act can bring us sheer danger for life. the strategies has given clear evidence that roughly 400 people die in accidents even while using helmets, while the death ratio is ten times more for the people that don’t use helmets. Well, this is absolutely coincidental but a real fact. Helmets can save your life on that terrible day!

Helmet Law Defense League:

This is a group of people that strictly disobey the helmet laws. They believe that it is absolutely unconstitutional and by this the govt. is exactly forcing people to buy and use helmets. They argue that the word "Helmet" is vague.

The Source:

The statistics given above has been achieved directly from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The figures stated above can be obtained form their annual reports. Also you can look for their websites to find out these statistics.

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