The best way to find quality motorcycle helmets that will save your life and, at the same time, express your personality, is to go check our online motorcycle helmet store that offers hand-painted and hand-airbrushed protective gear. A motorcycle helmet is a type of protective headgear used by motorcycle riders. It protects their head and brain in case of an impact. Although they are proven to have saved many lives, riders do not always wear helmets because they are heavy, hot, and itchy.

Manufacturers of helmets try to overcome these disadvantages by adding conveniences such as face shields, ear protection, ventilation and intercom. Many countries have laws that force bike riders to wear always motorcycle helmets, but in many states in America, helmet use is not mandatory. Regardless of the laws, facts prove without a doubt that motorcycle helmets do save lives by protecting riders from serious head trauma.

There are four basic types of motorcycle helmets that all need to be secured tightly with a chinstrap for maximum protection. Full-face motorcycle helmets offer the highest level of protection, because they cover the entire head, the base of the skull and the chin. Tests have proven this as the most protective headgear available, but it also has some disadvantages because it is less comfortable. The full-face motorbike helmet has a visor across the eyes and nose that one can remove. Some helmets have a chin bar that pivots upwards, so that bikers can eat or drink without removing the helmet.

Another type of motorcycle helmet is the off-road helmet generally used for motocross events. It offers extra protection and a visor that keeps the sun out of the rider’s eyes during jumps. Open-face helmets cover the back of the skull, but offer no protection to the chin and face, which can result in serious injury in case of an accident, as well as injury and discomfort due to bugs, dust and wind.

There is also an added risk that they will come off or shift in case of an accident. Other types of motorcycle helmets often enter the category of “novelty helmets”, because they are not certified and offer little protection in case of a crash.

Except for this technical information, you should take into consideration another important thing when you buy a helmet: decoration. A motorcycle helmet will be with you for many years and will be part of your image. Therefore, it is very important that you like everything about it, how it fits, how comfortable it is and how it looks.

Several websites sell motorcycle helmets that are hand painted and hand airbrushed. You can get certified DOT helmets, novelty helmets and Snell helmets. You can find a variety of colors and designs as new helmets appear every day. You can chose from religious decorated helmets, women motorcycle helmets, headgear for kids and helmets for bad boys. Hundreds of models exist and you can always add other decorations. You can add spikes and metal skull decorations, Mohawks and neoprene facemasks with funky designs.

Your safety comes first so you should buy a motorcycle helmet today that you feel comfortable with and decorated in your style, which you can find with our special helmets online store.

Get a unique motorcycle helmet that everyone will envy and admire. Keep in mind that motorcycle helmets serve a double purpose: they offer protection and they speak for your individuality.

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